The Promenade Area Residents Associates started Final Friday a decade ago when The Promenade was just beginning to populate with residents. They wanted a way to create community and safety. They thought a social was a great way to meet neighbors and grow closer as a community.  Needless to say, it has accomplished this, and so much more.  It started on the rooftop of the Avia hotel and it’s run consistently for a decade. We have laughed and cried together, drank together, and stumbled home together.  Now, as other neighborhood associations have launched other social events, and as the downtown area continues to expand, it was decided to lay Final Friday to rest* as a monthly event and focus on larger scale community activities.

With that in mind, please join us for a Final Final Friday as we celebrate and memorialize Final Friday with a true New Orleans style funeral jazz band fashion.  We will start at 7pm at Congregation Ale House on the Promenade for the first phase of the evening, the “Wake”.  We will drink, share memories, and of course, gather with current and former residents for this special event.

At 8pm the First Line will start with the traditional dirge and short funeral procession through downtown Long Beach, as we carry the Final Friday coffin (yep, we have one!!) through the streets of Downtown. A short stop in the park for a special burial and then we will kick in the Second Line lively parade with parasols and dancing as we process to The Stave Bar and celebrate.

We encourage everyone to come dressed for the occasion, wearing your very best “wake” clothes.  In addition, during the procession, we encourage everyone to bring a parasol or handkerchief to twirl in the in the air. This called “second lining”.

At both the Congregation Ale House and The Stave Bar, we will have a limited number of keepsake 16oz beer glasses for purchase.  When you purchase one of these souvenir glasses, you will also receive a wristband for discounted drinks at both locations, and you can keep the glass as your forever memory.  The $10 donation is tax deductible to PARA, a non-profit 501c3.  Proceeds will go to fund future PARA events

You can also purchase your glass in advance by using the link below..

Mark your calendars, Friday, February 24th, 7pm at the Congregation Ale House.  This is the Final, Final Friday*, so don’t miss out!  We will see you all there!

* While we are putting our monthly Final Friday to rest, it may appear again rarely for very special occasions.


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